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play Feng's another pixel action game:Pixel May Cry

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Hi,to all those Attack On Titan Fans.I just want to say thank you sooo much ,you're just amazing.
there're so many feedbacks and comments(facebook/youtube/email/etc) everyday,I really appreciate that.
and I was just so busy that I might not be able to reply every one.
but I definetly will read it and try to make the game better.sorry for my English and thank you sooo much!
Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger!

切换角色/Change Character:1/2/3)

Hide/Show Mouse Cursor:X

Control:Move WASD/Hook Space/Attack LMB/Salute N/Mute M/Reload R/ Reset T/Change Level L/Camera_Mode C
Left hook Q/Right hook E(Special attack:S+LMB in WoW mode, RMB in other mode)
Jump L-Shift/Dodge L-Ctrl/Lock target: hold F

操作:移动WASD/抓索 空格/攻击 鼠标左键/摆POSE N/关闭音乐 M/更换刀片 R/重置关卡 T/跳关 L
Q:发射左抓勾/E:发射右抓勾 锁定最近目标:F按住
跳跃:左shift 闪避:左ctrl

QQ群:169037709(一营)324376537(二营)242389237(三营) 190186769(四营)群里会不定时清理潜水人员

08/25/2013 update video log:

crazy killer:

Amazing kill by anonymous player:

great kill

feel free to contact. mail:slashlee1984[at]hotmail.com